3. Abeo Consulting

BDM advised and assisted us in defining Abeo Consultings’ proposition and the packaging of our services to simplify the ways in which potential clients could engage, and gain value from, our services.

The marketing collateral produced was completed in a way which allows maximum re-use of the material, not only for web site and brochure material, but also for targeted marketing campaigns.

BDM challenged not only the approach to offering our services, but also stretched our thinking in terms of potential markets which our services could add value to, which as a result has already opened up different opportunities.

BDMs approach to this project was consultative and inclusive, applying their marketing expertise to our core skills and expertise, creating a feeling of ownership for the material within Abeo Consulting.

We are confident that the outputs and learnings from the project have created the catalyst and foundation for us to attract new clients.

Derek Bishop

BDM Key Services Deployed

  • Developing the value-proposition
  • Analysis of how to engage with the target markets
  • Creating the productised-services