7. Binarysafe Ltd

Binarysafe Ltd, an award winning company, was set up in 2004 by Tony Liu, who, as an undergraduate at the University of Glamorgan developed a unique, patent-pending, 'stealth' software application for mobile phones (called Red-Menu), providing the user with unmatched levels of data-security by overcoming the limitations of current build methodology and visible/password-protection.

Designed and built to work on the latest generation of (Symbian) Smart Phones, Red Menu creates a second stealth menu in which users can store confidential contact information (names/numbers), make/send/receive text, picture or video data etc; safe in the knowledge that no trace of the second menu would be visible in the event of unauthorised use, loss or theft.

  • BDM Client Partnership (BDM) was engaged to assist Binarysafe to quickly prepare the marketing plan and supporting financial justification for submission to the investors.
  • Binarysafe and BDM evaluated several scenarios (using BDM's predictive payback model) to optimise the attractiveness for different pricing options, worldwide sales levels and channels to market. This process added value and assisted Binarysafe's Directors to clarify the preferred business case.
  • Binarysafe's Directors also feel that for a Spin-out company, the clarity of BDM's fee structure meant that Binarysafe could use BDM as their 'outsourced marketing department'.

Binarysafe's new website hosted: March 2006

Red-Menu product launch: April 2006