10. Mobile Data Capture Services

I have known and worked with John Dabbs (JD) of the BDM Partnership over a period of 10 years and he has helped me take two start-up companies and their products to market.

JD has developed an extremely effective working methodology that I would describe as 'iteratively progressive'. JD will work on an initial brief and report with some structured analysis and proposals. I then take on board his thinking which prompts me to develop my ideas to the 'next level' and brief. The feedback loop is repeated until the best outcome is achieved.

Having understood the product offering in depth, JD has operated his own remarkably successful Go-To-Market methodology that Identifies, contacts and secures an initial meeting with prospective clients. John is also a valuable and credible resource for attendance at early client meetings.

The work completed by JD and his company for the most recent project was extremely well received by the Welsh Assembly Government and the University of Glamorgan to the extent that it was the key document that was relied upon to secure substantial business support, resourcing and investment.

I value JD's services so highly that I am now in discussion with him to secure the services of his company (BDM Partnership) for the foreseeable long-term future.

Nigel Williams
Managing Director
Scriptek Limited