2. Regional Government Client

The extensive project involved working with the Client’s Managing Director (& senior managers) to develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan & business strategy to facilitate the setting–up of a new commercial business services firm.

BDM's integrated services included:-

  • Establishing the 3-year financial targets for the 6-functional groups to achieve the required revenue targets by the end of the third financial year.
  • Segmenting the market based on available statistical data & deriving the sales targets (& revenue curve to achieve the corporate aims).
  • Also, conducting a sensitivity analysis to illustrate the project’s payback (v different sales, costs & pricing scenarios) & working with the Client’s Management Accountant to establish the project’s overall ROI.
  • Market insight, strategy & competitor analysis
    • IT strategy (& future offshore product development)
    • HR strategy
    • Training (& future use of virtual training platforms)
    • Marketing
    • Financial services
    • Business Consultants
  • Writing the Marketing Plan (& executive summary) & sign-off with the Client’s senior managers prior to presentation to the main-board.

The marketing strategy has since been implemented, although more detailed information on this project is still restricted.