4. Samar Technology Limited

BDM advised & assisted us in winning a DTI grant award to further the investigation for our innovative (Patented) Anti Back-Drive Coupling (for in-line rotary & concentric drive applications).

The benefit to SAMAR Technology has been to rapidly assess the potential markets & product applications for licensing the technology to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in several foreign markets.

The engineering team & BDM have worked together to evaluate the product applications, market opportunities & to create the 3D-CAD simulations & product information pack, so that we can approach key OEMs worldwide.

We are confident that we are now well placed to complete the engineering investigation with a view to full commercialisation of this new unique technology. 

Andrew Sterry
Operations Director


SAMAR TECHNOLOGY Anti Back-Drive Coupling

SAMAR Technology’s new coupling has been designed to automatically prevent any reverse torque (back-drive) being transmitted between the driven & the driving side of an in-line rotary or concentric drive system.

BDM Key Services Deployed

  • B2B Market research (UK, USA, Scandinavia, EU markets), key trends, product fit v the product’s USP
  • Grant advice & successful application
  • Design & content for the product information pack & upgraded website
  • Project recommendations (market entry risks & project payback sensitivity calculations)

View CAD simulation at: www.samtooling.co.uk

Download Product Datasheet: Anti Back-Drive Coupling (3.03MB PDF)