9. Technology Firm Singapore/UK (project elapsed time 5-months)

To improve growth following the worldwide reduction in demand for semiconductor assembly equipment, the UK/Singapore client asked BDM to identify new markets where the firm could diversify.

Benefits to the Client & Solutions
BDM's solution was to target firms providing automated drug-discovery equipment which utilise almost identical 3-axis pick & place technology to the client's semiconductor packaging systems. The client's Far-East cost advantage and their ability to meet exacting quality standards offered an excellent fit with the equipment providers need to reduce costs by outsourcing. The project's key steps included:

  • Market research concluded that the high-growth automated drug-discovery market was very attractive due to the similarity of technology to the client's existing systems.
  • Analysis and presentation of the market research to the Client and Singapore Government's Venture Capitalist investors so that the client could win funding for a new outsourcing company.
  • Market evaluation of the commercial interest in outsourcing high-reliability equipment by direct marketing, interviews and visits to medical equipment firms in UK, Europe and America.