6. BDM & Tekwin Limited (software product development firm)

John Dabbs of BDM was introduced to us at a time when a top-class professional Marketing and Business Development capability was critical to develop the TekWin business proposition and to identify and convert our first major engagements.

BDM very rapidly assimilated the nature and context of our business and were key in re-positioning our technology-based, delivery-oriented thinking into a very persuasive business-led proposition. BDM also created high-impact, effective visuals in the process of designing our web-site.

In my opinion, BDM's major benefit for TekWin was to use their in-depth knowledge of our enterprise to research target customers and then to assist in their engagement. John Dabbs' exceptionally well-developed presentation skills and business awareness were such that he is now a key element of our business development team.

TekWin have now created a long-term relationship with BDM and they participate in our business planning and management. They provide significant, measurable business benefit that can be engaged on a demand-led, cost-effective basis.

Rather than take on risk of direct employment, I consider that the 'outsourced' Business Development and Marketing Model offered by BDM is of more value to cost-sensitive, fast-growing organisations.

Nigel Williams
Managing Director, TekWin Limited