8. Web/e-commerce 'FAST-50' firm

BDM provided hands-on marketing support to a market-leading (FAST-50) SME firm to assist in launching a new software environment product intended for public sector organisations in the UK.

Benefits to the Client & Solutions
Working with the Client's team BDM applied industrial product marketing techniques to show how different acquisition/licensing pricing scenarios affected the product's Return-on-Investment. Defining a sales process for the added-value services will allow the client to create additional revenue streams.

Interpreting the product's user-benefits and providing design of product information/IP will allow the client to show the product's interactive features using a website demonstration. The project stages were:

  • Define the pricing scenarios, ROI and the sales process for the added-value services
  • Cost Benefit Analysis related to Acquisition, Operation, Growth & Change measures
  • Designing product sales information also suitable for interactive use on the website

Corporate Plan/Marketing Plan
Working closely with the Managing Director, BDM interpreted and contributed the content (using the industrial product marketing methodology) for the marketing content of the firm’s business plan which was subsequently presented to the client’s shareholders and investors.