Market & Customer Insight & Research b2b/b2c

Typically, research (qualitative/quantitative surveys) can be useful to answer questions relating to uncovering new opportunities (market-gaps), improving business results (sales/profitability) or to uncover potential risks (that may affect future business/sales):-

BDM can provide both face-to-face & online surveys to independently assess customer requirements that may influence new product/service development (& suggest new product/service innovations):

* Market Insight to innovation/design process read more

Initial Qualitative Assessment

Typically, customer/market insight can deliver business benefits to influence NPD & reduce risks

Customer Insight & Market-gaps (new products, service delivery & competitor opportunities)

  • Face-to-face interviews (questionnaire development for qualitative &/or quantitative structured research/analysis)
  • Future market trend analysis (& competitor trends)
  • Insight & reasons for new customer desires (product & service-delivery)

* Marketing Strategy workshop can be helpful to address specific product/service marketing/sales or competitor more


Market Insight may include:

  • Evaluating profitable new product/service ideas & market entry opportunities ('gaps' in the market)
  • Identifying buying decision factors by customer-values/desirability factors
  • Quantifying market sector attractiveness ('window of opportunity') & payback for new products
  • Quantitative research on customer opinions/perceptions of your firm's products & customer service.
  • Testing customer preferences to new product design concepts & brand recognition - Focus-groups
  • Market diversification - desk research to assess new market sectors (& competitor analysis) read more
  • NPD research to answer questions (user experience/customer values) prior to new product development.

Prior to starting any research BDM & its specialist partners will work with you to understand what questions have to be asked to improve knowledge & understanding.  Design the structured qualitative/quantitative survey, agree methods of collecting/analysing information and conduct the survey & provide recommendations.

* To discuss your project requirement (or to request a confidential meeting) please contact us