Sales & Marketing Communications & Marketing Plan

To assist you to develop a compelling sales message BDM uses the Industrial Product Marketing Plan (IPMP) to create the value-proposition & marketing/sales collaterals.  The IPMP format gets you ask all the right questions from the customers stand-point so that your marketing communications will address:-

Industrial Marketing Process

Marketing & Sales Plan

A well thought out IPMP will allow you to sustain profitable sales growth & to extend your brand or to deepen the customer relationship in the case of b2b sales.

* Please contact us for a free copy of the IPMP format if you need to start thinking about how best to develop your new product/service marketing/sales message.

Marketing Communications Media

In deciding how best to reach your target customers & gain their attention, some of the following media may be useful to embody the compelling sales message:

  • Video sequences can be a powerful way to promote new products & services (for web site and/or CD ROM)
  • Web site structure/navigation, sales content & copy (professional copy sells)
  • Web site optimisation
  • PR (specialist targeted PR & key issue articles can draw in customers)
  • Direct marketing (predictable, measurable & quick)

* To discuss how different techniques/media can be combined to promote your product or service please contact us.

Corporate Communications

  • Message definition workshops
  • Technical literature design
  • Investor Presentations
  • Project presentations

* To discuss your project requirement (or to request a confidential meeting) please contact us