New Product & Service Ideas, Design/Development & Market/Brand Development Solutions

The discovery of new product design, service delivery or product-marketing improvements can be done effectively through a simplified collaborative staged process (click on a heading to reveal more):-

1. The project brief - listening to client's objectives (commercial, technical & marketing)

  • Responding to the brief with a project scoping proposal.

Starting point:- A workshop event can be helpful to quickly explore solutions to the key business more

2. Identifying market-gaps to increase customer-value

Initial Qualitative Assessment - Market-gaps

Customer Insight & Market-gaps (new products, service delivery & competitor opportunities)

  • Face-to-face interviews (questionnaire development for qualitative &/or quantitative structured research/analysis)
  • Future market trend analysis (& competitor trends)
  • Insight & reasons for new customer desires (product & service-delivery) more

Marketing Strategy workshop can be helpful to address specific product/service marketing/sales or competitor issues goto more




3. Innovation, concept design & marketing - convert new customer desires into feasible & saleable solutions

Typical process to identify incremental product/service improvements that increase competitive advantage

Customer Insight

Customer Insight

Innovation & Design

Innovation & Design

Brand Development

Customer benefits

  • Intuitive User-operation (by adding a non-contact sensor RFID)
  • Quicker sequential operation (auto-recognition of container)

Client's competitive advantage

  • Stronger USP & Brand differentials
  • Pricing opportunity?
  • Reduces product-support costs
  • Improved User-value (time saving)
  • Sales advantage (new auto-recognition)

Market Development


Coupling the design improvement ideas & technical solutions (in response to the market-gaps) with 2D/3D visualisation (product & service-delivery) helps the team to select the best concept ideas

  • Product configuration (technology, user-interaction design) & brand uniqueness
  • 3D visualisations (3D rapid prototyping)
  • Product marketing & service delivery solutions
  • IP potential & competitive advantage (product features, technology, service delivery, process)

Product/service innovation & design workshops to create design improvement ideas goto more

4. Entrepreneurs & Innovative Firms

Typical Outline project stages (and milestone review points)

To meet Entrepreneurs' expectations for rapid concept design, prototyping (to facilitate discussions with buyers) & marketing solutions to achieve the ROI criteria, the typical project stages/milestones (to limit project risks) are suggested below:-

Once the outline project brief is established with you, we will be able to specify the project's scope (skills required & activities) in more detail.

To discuss your new product idea (&/or exchange Non-Disclosure Agreements) please Contact us.

Click on the thumbnail image (opposite) to view a detailed flowchart illustrating the typical Outline project stages (and milestone review points).




5. Conceptual design development & idea selection "Wow, that's what I want"

Conceptual design development & idea selectionConceptual design development & idea selection
  • Product concepts (visualisations) & idea selection
  • User Interaction design & human factors (functional prototypes)
  • Review: Intellectual property - design registration decisions?
  • Customer & market test to confirm desirability & saleability.
  • Confirm customer-desirability factors to reduce project risks.
  • Review: Marketing Plan Customer's ROI analysis






6. Detailed concept design & Analysis

Detailed concept design & AnalysisDetailed concept design & Analysis
  • Product optimisation (stress & thermal analysis and user-interface definition)
  • Prototyping (3D Rapid prototyping, user interface simulations)
  • 3D product structural packaging & ergonomics design
  • Design for manufacture & assembly
  • Graphical User Interface design




7. Implementation support & liaison

  • Project management & supplier sourcing/selection
  • Project planning
  • Supplier liaison & acceptance/sign-off

Typical Phased Product Development Cycle


1. Project Brief

  • Marketing
  • Commercial
  • Technical
Blue Arrow

2. Market Insight

  • Research: Primary & Secondary
Blue Arrow

3. Innovation

  • Ideas/concept generation
  • IPR
Blue Arrow

4. Concepts & Virtual Models

  • Customer response testing & survey
Blue Arrow

5. Design selection

  • Project ROI
  • Risks
  • Plans/budgets
Blue Arrow

6. Detailed design

  • Sub-system specs
  • Design for manufacture & value engineering
  • Testing/verification
Blue Arrow

7. Pre-production

  • Supplier selection
  • Customer acceptance
  • Inspection
Blue Arrow

8. Launch of New Product or Service

  • Marketing Campaigns

8. Product Launch

Point-of-sale design & IP registrationBranding & Graphic Design
  • Branding design & marketing communications
  • Finalise Marketing/Launch Plan process) more
  • Web site sales & marketing content & copy
  • Direct marketing design & copy
  • PR events & copy for key issue articles & press releases





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