New Product & Service Innovation & ideas design Workshop

BDM runs innovation workshops because they offer a quick way to get new ideas to implement incremental or breakthrough product/service improvements & this provides a rationale for the team to progress.

From this workshop you will get a process for generating new value-added solutions (& potentially patentable concepts) taking into account the technical, commercial, customer-values & competitive environment. BDM & the team will create the product/service visualisations & a structured market analysis to support the selection of the key contenders.

* To discuss your needs & expectations for a product & service innovation workshop call T 01291 620703 or click the enquiry form link

Pre-workshop: Sign Confidentiality Agreement, define the problem to be solved & understand you’re views on the market trends, product positioning, key competitors’ products/services & business challenges.

BDM will research your market & key competitors & then set a company-specific agenda.

1 Market Analysis & Insight Session

  • Feedback on BDM’s research: market trends, competitors’ positioning versus your company’s products/services.
  • Team analysis of your principal competitors (ie: competitive advantages including: technical product features (& product innovation), brand recognition in the market (online/offline presence), routes to market, key criteria for buyers/influencers, pricing & customer services. Critique your sales/value-proposition v competitors & understand any barriers to sales growth
  • Summarise the key factors that can be leveraged to differentiate your products/services & set the team actions.

Pre-stage II, BDM’s analysis & detailed research on the potential ‘market-gaps’ for product/service improvements (eg: incremental & breakthrough).

2 Product & Service Ideas Generation Session

  • Product/service ideation: identification of the future customer-values, design trends, market-gaps, product-technology enablers, value-chain opportunities & key-success criteria for incremental or breakthrough product/service improvements.
  • Team ideas generation (product/service improvements) supported by concept visualisations & selection of the ideas that will best meet the future customer-value expectations.
  • Summarise the key added-value product/service concepts & set the team actions

Pre-stage III, BDM refines the product/service concepts, identifies market-gaps & opportunities to increase customer-value.

3 Product & Service Innovation Workshop Sessions

  • The Team will refine the product/service design concepts (this may include the user-interface, product’s design features the use of new technology or service/process design) & identify Patent potential & commercial advantages.
  • Product/service visualisations (eg: graphical user interface, customer interaction/human factors, 3D design concepts, & branding) will be generated to help to develop the designs.
  • Critique of the concepts v the key criteria: competitive advantage, customer value-adding, project time-to-market (& risks), ROI for the incremental or breakthrough ideas (product/service mapping).
  • Specify how to confirm customer interest which may include: rapid market testing using semi-functional or virtual prototypes for customer focus groups to reduce the risk of product selection.