Product & Service Marketing & Sales Strategy Workshop

The strategy workshop is intended to focus on a specific product/service challenge & to quickly define the potential solutions (& key work areas).

From this workshop you will get solutions that will show how to improve your product-service competitive advantage and how to develop your product & service strategy.

Your requirements may include a need to:-

* To discuss your needs & expectations for a product-service strategy workshop call T 01291 620703 or click the enquiry form link

The product service strategy workshop may include:

Market & Customer Insight

  • Identifying how to get specific customer insight through qualitative/quantitative research & how to identify new profitable product/service opportunities.
  • Combating competitors products/services where the market perceives little differentiation
  • Market testing of new ideas through structured focus-groups (supported by new product/service visualisation & prototypes) to confirm the design strategy

Product & Service Design Innovation

  • Product/service incremental design improvements to extend the brand
  • Creating the ideas that will form a product & service strategy of enhancements to maintain competitiveness.
  • Product design & manufacturing solutions to reduce costs
  • Identifying the ideas for breakthrough product/services (e.g. user interface design, 3D industrial product design & structural packaging). See: Product/Service Innovation Workshop for more information.
  • Confirming the customer reactions to new products/services through virtual models & prototypes

Market Development Strategy

  • How to improve the customer experience of your products/services & increase customer-value
  • Creating a new customer value-proposition & website customer experience (using multimedia)
  • Using design to improve the customers interaction with your firm’s products/services, reinforce the brand & differentiate from competitors
  • Create compelling sales & marketing communications to get your sales message across