Product, Service, Process solutions: Project Scoping Workshop

BDM offers a project scoping workshop because sometimes Clients have a business challenge but need to understand the scope of the project to deliver a solution. For example: “we need to get independent customer insight (across several sectors) on our products/services to confirm what new features will increase customer-value for the next generation of new product development”.

From the tailored project-scoping workshop you will get a quick assessment of the project’s solution & clear outputs for the project’s implementation.

* To discuss your needs & expectations for a project scoping workshop call T 01291 620703 or click the enquiry form link

The project steps may include:

  • Research: for face-to-face customer research projects BDM works with a professional research firm to specify the key subject questions covering: commercial benefits, new technical features, user’s needs, buyer’s & influencers decision criteria.
  • Market research work to identify the key market trends
  • Product design & brand improvements to combat competitors
  • Competitive market assessment to identify the key b2b or b2c trends
  • Design of marketing communications incorporating video sequences of products/services or animation in the website design to improve the customer experience & sales effectiveness.